“..All music is folk music, I never heard any horses doin’ it.”
– Big Bill Broonzy.

First things first.. Lightning Hall…?? Wha’s dat?? It’s a reference to the solo acoustic bluesmen of the 20’s and later. Muddy Waters, Robert Johnson, Lightning Hopkins (obviously..), Son House, Charley Patton, and there were many others. That kind of music gave me my earliest desire to learn to play guitar. Things haven’t changed….  I just learned more about other kinds of music too.

Lightning Hall is an artist who blends the soulful sound of early
acoustic and electric blues with folk, roots rock and other styles. Like revered
jazz guitarist Django Reinhardt, he plays, and plays well, in spite of
serious burn injuries to his hands. A regular performer in the Albuquerque, NM
area for several years. He grew up in the Gulf Coast city of Galveston, TX.
where he acquired a taste for blues, southern rock, country, R&B…
Southern music in general.

He sings, plays guitar and harmonica and writes and performs
original songs and the songs of classic acoustic blues masters like Lightning Hopkins,
Big Bill Broonzy and Muddy Waters and other “folksters”. And through the use
of 21st century technology, Lightning Hall has begun performing as a one man
electric blues band.

Lightning Hall is committed to creating and performing
quality original music with an original voice that is still rooted in American
music, especially early, acoustic blues. He refuses to be a “walking jukebox” of
the endlessly rehashed Contemporary Top 40 and Classic Rock tunes so many bands perform,
preferring to present covers of music less often heard, and with an authentic
and individual take.

Blues Machine, his first release, is comprised of eleven acoustic originals
with harmonica accompaniment. From straight ahead blues compositions, to songs telling
stories of human struggle and survival, to the humorous and quirky, all are inspired by a love of
acoustic music and the songster, folk and blues of yore. Secrets and Ruins, his second is filled
with eight originals painted with an acoustic roots, folk and blues brush. They are inspired
by the ghost towns of the West and Southwest and the recent “Great Recession’s” similarities
to the Great Depression of the thirties. Secrets and Ruins includes songs with a full
rhythm section. Much of the music could be put in the contemporary “Americana” category
popular today, but Ol’ Lightning prefers “roots and folk-blues” and he’s got more
than a few grey hairs to back it all up…

He has been described as a “very compelling blues artist” and
one with “impeccable guitar work and a soulful voice” by blues-biz insiders and local
promoters. His first CD, “Blues Machine”, is filled with folk-blues and Americana
that “paints vivid portraits of the the lives of his characters with words”.
It, and “Secrets and Ruins,” his new release are available for download and streaming
through Cd Baby, Amazon, iTunes, Rdio, Spotify and others.

He supports animal rights and the ASPCA.